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When Bad Names Happen to Good Startups

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Dropped vowels. Extra Zs. Domains du jour. These common namehacks may seem unique to digital startups. But the challenge their owners face is one that’s been around since the days of Scotch-guzzling ad execs: Naming is hard.

Take it from us. We’re Scotch-guzzling ad execs.

In our indie agency’s 60 years of working on names for brands, products, campaigns, companies, nonprofits, condos, sports teams, apps, blogs, and startups, a lot has changed. But even more hasn’t.

We’ll go beyond the SEOs, URLs and TMs and talk about some of the less tangible (but arguably more important, and often overlooked) aspects of a successful brand name--one that fully captures your story, highlights your point of difference, and inspires a spark of desire in your target.

Or at least one that doesn’t suck.



Gary Backaus Chief Creative Officer, Principal archer>malmo

Justin Dobbs Assoc Creative Dir archer>malmo