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How NOT to Suck at Presenting Your Work

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Professional designers and developers like us are paid to create smart, badass work for our clients. All too often, however, our hard work fails to get approved simply because we didn’t present it effectively. In short, sometimes the better work loses out to the better sell. The same meticulous thinking that informs our strategies and our executions needs to affect how we present. If you’re a designer or developer who’s slightly introverted by nature and prone to stage fright, or if you simply want to brush up on your presentation skills, join us for this fun, informative session. You’ll learn more about the importance of giving your work the spotlight it deserves, and come away with an array of storytelling strategies and acting techniques that will help you improve your presentation performance.

Also, there will be an encore presentation of this session on: Monday, March 11 at 5PM -



Megan Mead Designer / Art Dir Creative Suitcase

Megan Mead is currently an Art Director and Designer at Creative Suitcase, a boutique agency in central Austin. Her work consists of print collateral, web and mobile site design, illustration, logos, and promotional retail design for nationally recognized companies. Although her professional focus is on visual communication, Megan also has a passion for performance. Having participated in numerous theatrical presentations over the past decade, Megan has considerable experience with speaking in front of large crowds. Trained to better understand vocal, breath and acting exercises, she is very interested in how theatrical training can supplement design education. She majored in communication design with a double minor in theatre and marketing, giving her a unique view point, straddling the world of performance and design.

Michael Gibson Assoc Professor Communication Design Graduate Programs Coord: Design >> Design Research University of North Texas

Michael Gibson is the graduate programs coordinator for the MFA and MA programs in Design that emphasize design research at the University of North Texas' College of Visual Arts and Design. He is also an Associate Professor in the Communication Design program there, where he has taught since 1998. He has presented and lectured in over a hundred conference venues and is widely published. His largely collaborative, interdisciplinary research marries methods for thinking and knowing guided by design and designing to approaches guided by understandings from all kinds of people who have not been to design school. Simply put, Michael works on projects that endeavor to solve real problems, for real people, in the real world. These include and have included: children's mental and physical health, freshwater conservation, urban revitalization, introducing design thinking in middle- and high-school settings, and combating youth tobacco use, among others.