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The Future of 3D Printing


No longer is it necessary to create a mold and make 10,000 of an item in order to get it produced. Today, 3D printing allows almost anyone to create just about design they can imagine. The technology is being used to make everything from toys to motorcycles to airplane parts, and even houses, as well as incredible medical advances . Where is the tech going? Some think it can make new parts for the International Space Station. Others see it as a way for designers to make money selling 3D models.
What's clear is that production will never be the same. The question is whether the technology behind creating 3D printed products can really be democratic, or if truly high-end production will remain in the hands of a skilled -- and monied -- few.
Experts in the field will share their thoughts on the state of the art, and where this exciting tech is likely to go in the years to come. CNET Reviews editor Rich Brown, who has been writing about 3D printing for years, will moderate.



Rich has been a tech writer since 1994, having reviewed all manner of hardware and software for print and online publications including PC Magazine and Computer Shopper. He's going on ten years at CNET, where he is currently a Senior Editor reviewing and reporting news on PCs, hardware, and 3D printers. In his civilian life, Rich is a husband, a father, and an ever-improving cooker of meat. He's been a proud resident of Brooklyn, NY since 1998

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