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The Grocery Store: Going “Tech” Fresh to Survive

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With high quality internet access rising, cell phones and tablets more ubiquitous than ever and heightened multitasking among “millenials,” grocery shopping is not what it used to be. Only 41% of millenials buy food at traditional grocery store, and focus on convenience over store loyalty (via “Trouble in Aisle 5” report, June 2012, from Jefferies & Co/AlixPartners Once considered to be near the forefront of retail innovation to appease customers (and keep them coming back for more), grocery stores are seeking various ways to stay relevant across shopper generations. Technology is a key asset, with stores considering interactive and 3D signage that tailors to shoppers, dynamic shelf labels and displays, “smart” carts that help pick items, instant near field communication purchases and more. In this session, learn about what’s new and what’s next to help make going to the grocery store exciting again, and place it ahead of the innovation curve, rather than behind it.



Kent Novak Sr VP & GM Texas Instruments

Kent Novak is senior vice president and general manager of Texas Instruments DLP Products, through which he directs the developments for and deployment of Texas Instruments’ (TI) award-winning DLP technology. He combines global expertise with experience from a number of companies ranging in size, and has helped lead DLP technology into new, groundbreaking markets that showcase the true versatility of the DLP chipset beyond traditional projection applications. In addition to TI DLP, Kent has taken on leadership roles in TI’s Wireless Infrastructure Business Unit, the High Speed Communications Group, and also the Medical/HiRel organization, all which have had significant, positive effects on his ability to introduce DLP technology to new customers, platforms, and more. He holds both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University, and also spent some 15 years in the telecom industry with the likes of Bell Labs, AT&T Network Systems, Alcatel and others.

Marshall Capps Systems Engineer Texas Instruments

Marshall first started working at Texas Instruments as an intern while at Texas A&M University. After graduating with a Computer Engineering degree in 2003, Marshall came on board full-time with Texas Instruments spending his time developing projector chipsets and recently inventing an interactive projection technology that earned him a spot on Fast Company's 2010 list of "100 Most Creative People in Business" and IEEE's 2012 list of “New Faces of Engineering.” Marshall currently works within Texas Instruments' DLP® Interactivity group where he is researching and developing technology for the future.

Paul Salvini Chief Technology Officer Christie Digital Systems

For more than 20 years, Dr. Paul Salvini has led award-winning teams of engineers and software developers in bringing to market advanced visualization, simulation and display technologies. His work with 3D animation for major Hollywood film studios and his expertise in turning complex data sets into visualization solutions have enabled him to bring increased benefits and insights for Christie and its always-increasing number of partners. No stranger to the academic world, Dr. Salvini is President of the University of Waterloo Alumni Council and holds appointments as Adjunct Professor of Engineering and KMDI Senior Research Fellow at the University of Toronto. He also serves on a number of boards relating to digital media research in the areas of graphics, information visualization, and 3D film innovation.

William Hurley Co-Founder GM & Chief Technology Officer razor fish