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Hacking Food & Health Research

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Technology is radically changing our ability to understand food preferences and how what we eat impacts our health. Traditionally, companies have relied on market and clinical research to develop products and come up with solutions to pressing challenges, like obesity and diabetes. This research, however, is expensive, relies on self-reported bias and can take years to yield results. Now, food and health startups developing apps to help consumers make more informed food choices are capturing real-time data about food preferences and consumption habits on a scale never before possible. Can this data be trusted? What can it really tell us? Hear from pioneers in this emerging space about real life examples of how their crowdsourced data is being used.


Andrew Rosenthal Business Dev, UP Jawbone

Andrew J. Rosenthal leads business development for the UP health and wellness product from Jawbone. He previously was Chief Strategy Officer at Massive Health (acquired by Jawbone, 2012). Rosenthal graduated from Harvard Business School, and the University of Pennsylvania, where he focused on consumer health and healthcare systems. He co-founded, an online consumer wellness platform, from 2008. His work has been widely featured, including the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, and NBC Nightly News. He is an advisor to the SXSW Health Accelerator program and the Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Center. Andrew is @rosenthal on twitter.

Danielle Gould Founder & CEO food+tech connect

Danielle Gould is the Founder & CEO of Food+Tech Connect. Through news and analysis, event curation and custom research she helps companies of all sizes understand emerging trends in the ways information technology and the Internet are changing the way food is produced, distributed and consumed. Danielle is also a Forbes contributor and an SFJ Institute Fellow. She regularly speaks on the subjects of food, technology and data. Her expertise includes food data, food systems, urban agriculture, data-driven business models, strategic partnerships, engagement strategy, event strategy, open government and open innovation.