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Innovation & Leadership in the Agile Age

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The path to game changing innovation will be realized by radically changing an organization’s approach to leadership and decision making. Moving from politics and PowerPoint to decision making by hypothesis and leadership by experiment is the way forward. Around the world, a diverse group of organizations are creating transformative innovations by running high velocity experiments. Forming a hypothesis, testing it quickly and allowing experiments to drive decisions will exact positive change in the world. Intuit’s Scott Cook will provide insights into how to drive transformation through agile leadership that embraces decision making by experimentation and allows small teams to do the impossible. This approach confounds the very belief that most leaders have about their roles in organizations – but it is the key to leadership in the agile age.


Scott Cook Founder Intuit

Scott Cook co-founded Intuit Inc. and now serves as the chairman of the Executive Committee.

Cook started his career at Procter & Gamble, where he learned about product development through the deep understanding of customer empathy. Cook applied the insights he was learning there to an idea for a company of his own.
That idea came to him when his wife was complaining about paying the bills. With personal computers just coming out at the time, Cook thought there was a market for basic software that would help people pay their bills. He launched Intuit in 1983, which today is the number one provider of personal finance and business management solutions that help individuals and small companies simplify their financial lives with nearly $4 billion in revenue.

More than 29 years after Cook founded Intuit, his approach to customer-driven innovation has shaped Intuit’s culture and is key to its continued success.