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Putting Customers at the Center of Your Business

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We’ve entered the age of the customer — an era where a focus on customers matters more than any other strategic imperative. Companies are waking up to the fact that customers’ perceptions have a profound impact on business metrics ranging from brand equity and customer loyalty to increased revenue and cost savings. But while every executive knows that customers matter, most companies simply don't approach their interactions with customers in a disciplined way. Lip service won't cut it anymore. For businesses to succeed, they need to get serious about the way they define, implement, and manage the customer experience. Marketers play a significant role in this shift. How? Marketing communications of every shape and size set customers’ expectations about the types of interactions they’re going to have with a company. If those expectations aren't aligned with the company’s actual ability to deliver on them, customers’ perceptions will plummet and the business benefits will evaporate.



Kerry Bodine VP & Principal Analyst, Customer Experience, Co-author Outside In Forrester Research