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Creating & Keeping a Kickass Photo Community

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Photography is the bread and butter of content. Connecting photographers with a community of other photographers has become one of the most valuable and interesting communities on the web over the past 7 years. Sharing methods, curation and creating safe spaces for conversation are more and more important. In this Dual, Flickr and Lomography will discuss what they've done, and where they're headed next.

This special session is part of PhotoCamp at SXSW Create.


Alexandra Klasinski Chief Online US Lomography

Alexandra is a Cupertino born, NYC resident that manages the Online Department and Customer Service at Lomography in the US. She also runs the sales, strategy, marketing, brand partnerships and business development. She pickles things, eats like a fat 12 year old boy and loves the internet.

Christopher Berry Front End Engineer Flickr

I have been a front end engineer at Flickr for over 2 years. I got my start in web development building sites for local companies around Phoenix, Arizona and then moved to San Francisco 7 years ago. While in San Francisco, I worked for various design agencies on major client marketing website utilizing a variety of JavaScript libraries and ActionScript to creating highly interactive and well designed marketing websites. After leaving the agency world to work at Flickr I have been honing my JavaScript skills while creating awesome features like our new web uploadr. I am also an avid photographer, both 35mm and digital, developing my own film at home using caffenol; also collecting, and using, Polaroid cameras and film. I also enjoy teaching others how to develop their own film, use instant cameras and trying to get people more involved in photography in general.