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Policy, Privacy & the Technology of Sex Work

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Sexual commerce has a history of driving technological innovation: porn and early camera adoption, porn and VHS, porn and high-speed internet demand... While sexual media often fuels technological growth, the "oldest profession" is frequently in a position of either rapid adoption of -- or reaction to -- new technology.
Dodging law enforcement on one side and the very real risks of stalking, harassment, and outing on the other, modern sex workers are not just reacting to current tech trends but are strategically adopting new technology as a means to safeguard their anonymity, find new clients, and network with each other to advance the cause of sex workers' rights.
This session will cover how current policy affects sex workers' use of technology, how sex workers are using tech to preserve their privacy, and how sex workers, law enforcement, clients, and activists are interfacing with technology to change sex work as we know it.



Sabrina Morgan Sex Worker & Advocate

Sabrina Morgan is a sex worker, an advocate, and a sexuality educator and facilitator. Fascinated with the places where society and sexuality intersect, she started out as a phone sex operator with an activist streak and a blog and has been practicing kink-­focused sex work since 2005.

Her work in the sex trade has both fueled and funded her passion for sex workers' rights issues. It has also allowed her to work with others' sexuality in a very personal way, giving her a deft sensitivity to the needs of those exploring new facets of their sexual selves.

A firm believer in continuing education for sex workers and all adults exploring sex and relationships, Sabrina presents internationally on kink, sex work, media, advocacy, and policy at venues ranging from private workshops to conferences. She offers college lectures, group workshops, private coaching, and distance classes, and has shot sex ed videos for both Kink Academy and Passionate U.