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The London Teenage Coder Riot

#sxsw #coderiot

Jon’s part of London was ransacked in 2011’s riots, so what did he do on the event’s anniversary? First thought: How do we teach the rioters a lesson? Instead, he answered a less obvious question: What lessons can marketers learn from rioters and vice versa? He gathered a youth engagement expert, a “learn to code in a day” company and a mobile app expert to create a social experiment. Pitch: Youth marketers team with “opportunity poor” young people to learn a new approach to marketing. It's all about gathering insights from the youth and using technology to provide them with a new experience. It involves newsjacking, agile development and creative prototyping. Coding school Decoded taught everyone to code and then app developers Smile Machine built and launched prototypes that answered a specific client brief related to a topic that was trending online. It will include a mini-documentary made exclusively for SXSW and a few surprises both good and bad. It was a code riot after all.


Alexandra Goat Client Services Director Livity

Jon Burkhart Newsjacking Consultant

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