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Its Patient First, Not Mobile First!

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STOP THE MADNESS! The Patient Experience is overwhelmed with websites, commercials, brochures, support groups, mobile apps, chachkas, and other information sources - and all with no other point than often just saying... ME TOO! All promising patient adherence, better wellness, and of course - increased sales for the company putting out the interaction. "Mobile First" was supposed to solve this problem of too much, but somewhere along the way we lost sight of the most important aspect of this strategy -the Patient! In "Its Patient First - Not Mobile First" we'll debate the do's and don'ts of designing for the mobile patient experience and what the "Top 5" best practices are based on hundreds of interviews and observational research hours with the patients themselves, their caregivers, and HCPs - what their natural mobile behaviors are as it relates to health management, their needs are, and the role of context in what we have permission to deliver on these ever so important devices.


Jerilyn MacLaren-Hall Sr Consultant, User Experience Logical Design Solutions

A passionate disciple of all things Experience Design, Jerilyn has been working for over a decade with clients such as Prostate Cancer Foundation, Merck, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Web MD, RiteAid, and many others to design engaging and valuable experiences tailored to the specific needs and goals of each audience.

Although she started out “digital”, Jerilyn now focuses on the human first, the technology second, as she deconstructs cross-channel and multi-touch interactions such as the end-to-end patient experience, the role of collaboration in the enterprise, and the emotional connections people develop with the brands and experiences they trust.

She approaches all of her work by asking 3 core questions:
1. Who is her audience?
2. What are they trying to do?
3. How can she help them do it?

Using these questions (and their answers) as her guide, Jerilyn is able to ensure that business goals and customer / patient / employee needs are tightly aligned ensuring long-term success and loyalty.

Jerilyn speaks regularly at conferences about her work with consumers, patients, employees, and business leaders and how to ensure mearusable results for any experience.