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PR for Crowdfunded Projects in Age of Kickstarter

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Tech writer Leena Rao in 2012 observed the trend of venture capitalists getting into public relations by providing PR as another service the VC can offer, crediting the increase in seed stage investing by VC firms as one of the reasons for this PR trend. However, the rise of Kickstarter and crowdfunding (as of July 2012 there’s been $241M raised for completed successful projects for Kickstarter) has heralded a new age and very different style in funding. What is the role of PR for crowdfunded projects or startups with seed money from crowdfunded sites? Entrepreneurs are increasingly noting how PR and marketing can be beneficial when it comes to Kickstarter projects. This presentation will discuss PR best practices, lessons, strategies and tactics on how to drum up interest for projects, campaign launches and more for crowdfunded projects.



Connie Zheng is an associate at North of Nine Communications, a boutique tech PR agency that spun out of global PR firm Burson-Marsteller in 2011. Public relations with a range of clients from global companies to startups.