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Wherever You Go, There You Are: XBRL Trends

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Three years after the SEC mandate that registrants file interactive data, we are beginning to see several trends emerging; data quality, increased control over XBRL and data consumption. The XBRL industry is undergoing a sea change that is changing how XBRL data is created and, more importantly, consumed. While SEC filers are taking a proactive role in compliance, the logical next step is consumption. XBRL data can be a significant tool in financial decision-making. Join Steven Posey as he discusses the state of XBRL data and its likely future.


Steven Posey Dir Compliance Svcs Rivet Software

Steven Posey is Director, Compliance Services at Rivet. He’s been in accounting, finance and financial reporting since 1991, focused on improving reporting processes and systems. He has worked with several technology companies in the Denver area and is an instructor at University of Phoenix. Mr. Posey holds a B.A. in Administration (Accounting) and M.B.A. (Finance) from California State University, San Bernardino.