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Integrating Digital into the Live Game Experience

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In the past decade professional sports have made quantum leaps integrating digital media into their product offering. From fantasy leagues to on-line viewing, mobile updates, and direct communication with athletes, today’s fans feel more connected to their sports than ever. The only place the experience hasn’t changed is at the live sporting event itself.
While stadiums have gotten bigger, flashier, and more expensive, they haven't gotten more digital. The fan at home in front of his or her big-screen TV can tweet with other fans, follow advanced live statistics, and check on his fantasy teams, but the fan in the stadium has much the same experience he had 20 years ago. With all of the recent digital advances, from social to mobile to location-based technologies, how can we reinvent the live sports experience?


Jayne Bussman-Wise Digital Director Brooklyn Nets/Barclays Center

Digital Director, Brooklyn Nets & Barclays Center

Jayne Bussman-Wise oversees the digital marketing efforts for the Brooklyn Nets and Barclays Center, Brooklyn’s new major sports and entertainment venue. Jayne leads a team that manages the websites, social media platforms and mobile activation for both the team and arena. Prior to joining the Brooklyn Nets and Barclays Center, Jayne worked at Madison Square Garden for the New York Rangers where she managed the team’s social media, mobile and digital marketing efforts. Jayne has a B.A. in Economics from Brandeis University, where she was Captain of the women’s basketball team.

Marc Jenkins VP, Digital Media NASCAR

Michael Cole Group Planning Dir Tribal DDB Worldwide

Michael Allen Sr VP, Interactive Svcs NBA