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The Culture Game: Tools for the Agile Manager

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THE CULTURE GAME book is your culture hacking tutorial and reference guide.

Culture hacking modifies culture, instead of modifying software. Software hackers in the 1970′s created code for personal use and for others to also use and enjoy. In the modern day, culture hackers actively modify culture for personal betterment and the betterment of others.

Culture hacking is itself a distinct kind of culture engineering, and is faithful to the particular hacker ethos that originated in the world of software hacking. Good culture hacking will tend to protect personal freedom and extend openness.

Culture hacking takes into account the limits and uses of authority, is skeptical of incoherent institutional power, and is subversive of it.

Culture hackers unite! If you convene meetings & hire people, you have the power to greatly influence the culture of your organization. THE CULTURE GAME book provides you with the tools to do exactly that.



Dan Mezick Innovator-in-Chief New Technology Solutions Inc