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Let Conscience Be Your Guide: Moral Design

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Someone recently said, "All good design is moral design, and only moral design can ever be good."
As designers we spend our time thinking about things like usefulness, desirability, learnability, or gamification, and are rarely allowed to go up to that highest level and question the moral value of our designs. Questions like, what do our designs encourage in people? What view of the good life does our work encourage? Do our designs cause people to live better or become more human?
In this session we'll ask those questions. We'll start by looking at the implicit moral framework existent in popular digital products today, consider better moral frameworks, and talk about the implications. This talk will be equal parts philosophy and design; while it will be moral, it will contain no moralizing.



RJ Owen Prod Mgr & Design Lead Convercent

I am currently serving as a product manager, blending responsibilities in customer insight, design, and development.

I started my career as a software developer and spent 10 years working in C++, Java, and Flex before moving to design research and customer insight. I really love good design and am fascinated by the people who use the tools we build.

Very broadly speaking, I'm interested in examining the assumptions about what it means to live a good life that underly many of our assumptions as designers. I'm interested in defining and building things that reinforces and dignifies our humanity.