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Boldly Go: Enterprise Apps, from Idea to Market

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RSVP Required - Apps are king. Or, for some, god. Either way, they are the future of not only how we play, but how we work and therein lies opportunity. In order to take advantage of this, there are several strategic steps developers must take as they set out to create a beautiful app which then, in a perfect world, morphs into a business.

First, obviously you need an idea - don't have one? We'll talk about the best lines of business and where you can have the most beneficial impact. Obviously on our minds is the enterprise - it is in dire need of savvy app developers. How can you explore that territory?
We'll also cover technical issues like how to implement an API layer to facilitate the flow of data into or out of your application or solution; how to manage and deliver the data, how to find and connect to the enterprises systems, databases and other services that you need; and last but not least, how to bring your beautiful app to market, from testing to monetizing.

Knowledge of mobile native development for iOS or Andorid.

What to Bring:
Laptop with Mobile development environment installed for iOS or Android.

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David Brutman Sr Dir Developer Rel SAP

John Wargo Author, Sr Dir, Developer Experience at SAP SAP

John is a mobile developer and member of the SAP Mobile Solution Management team focusing on dDeveloper tools and developer experience. He wrote the first book dedicated to BlackBerry development and in 2012 published a book on the open source PhoneGap cross-platform development framework. He has also written a series of articles on mobile development for The View, a magazine for IBM Lotus Domino developers. John’s personal technology blog is at and you can find information on all of his books and magazine articles at His twitter handle is @johnwargo.

Paul Goh Mobile Developer SAP

Sam Thambu Mobile Developer, SAP AppHaus SAP