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Prototype or Die

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RSVP Required - Why doesn’t your software look and work right? Early designs painted an interface paradise filled with exotic features, but something went terribly awry and nothing quite works the way you thought it would. People can’t find even your most basic controls.

Prototyping to the rescue! Product Managers get to dream big, and see their ideas brought to life. Usability study participants can share more natural reactions. Engineers can experiment with working examples.

In this workshop, you'll create prototypes and learn how to incorporate them into your product development cycle.

We’ll cover: which types of projects benefit from prototyping; how to choose the right fidelity (from paper, to interactive, to functional); mobile prototyping; fringe benefits of prototyping (like stakeholder buy-in); when not to prototype; and how designers, prototypers, and researchers can work together effectively.

Work in software development (UX, product or project management, engineering, etc.). Basic ability to prototype (paper, HTML, Fireworks, etc.).

What to Bring:
Paper and drawing implements, if you’d like to create paper prototypes. A laptop, if you know how to prototype on it (HTML, Fireworks, etc.). NOTE: This workshop will not cover how to program.

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Hendrik Mueller Sr UX Researcher Google

Hendrik Müller (Mueller) is a senior user experience researcher at Google currently in Sydney, Australia. He leads user research for Google Drive, supports Google Docs, and previously worked on Google Health and several other products. His research interests focus on file management, cloud storage, collaboration, mobile devices, and survey methodology among other methods. Together with other researchers, he leads survey efforts within Google’s user experience team to measure user happiness. Hendrik received his master’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, USA, in 2007.

Ian Gunn UX Designer Google

Ian Gunn is a user experience design at Google currently in Sydney Australia.
He’s worked on a variety of projects and product at Google for the past 6 years but currently focuses on Google Drive. He believes the best part of work is working together and focuses on improving the collaborative nature of Google Docs and Drive.

Jonathan Yu UX Designer Google

Jonathan Yu is a Staff Designer at Google. He is currently leading the design team for Mobile Drive and Editors on iOS and Android. Since joining Google in 2006, he has led UX design efforts in Google Apps for Enterprise, Mobile Ads and Mobile Wallet. Prior to Google, Jonathan spent time at Yahoo and Adobe and has over 13 years of experience working in the Web industry. Having led numerous design efforts over the years, he has learned how different team processes and company cultures influence and nurture design discipline in product development. Jonathan graduated from UCLA studying Design and Sociology.

Vance Vagell Sr UX Prototyper Google

Vance Vagell thinks technology is really about people.

He prototypes and studies new software ideas for Google Drive, to discover which are helpful and which are half-baked. For several years, he led a UX prototyping team which explored the future of productivity through R&D. He's been imagining and creating user interfaces at Google for nearly 4 years.

Before that, he built enterprise communications software at Cisco, and indie computer games elsewhere. He first created software at age 9, on a raggedy old Commodore Vic 20.