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The Twenty-Something Time Machine

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Millennials are allegedly the prototype of the new consumer. They’re hyper-connected, tech-aware,
and uber-social. They blend channels constantly: Surfing on their tablets while watching TV and texting
their friends – consuming 26 hours of media time in a 24 hour day. This generation grew up in a world
in perpetual Beta, where products are never finished and their input can always be incorporated. The
question is: Are Millennials proxy for all future generations or simply the latest “new” demographic
masquerading as something more?

The question of what Millennials truly represent as consumers vexes marketers and businesses. One on
hand, Millennials are uber-independent in their thinking, boldly proclaiming their uniqueness, yet many
graduate from college only to move back home with their parents.

In this provocative session, we’ll dive into what Millennials represent about our society at large—and
your input will be critical for the process. The session leaders include a bestselling author on Millennials
—who is a Millennial himself—and a Gen X CMO who has deep insights into Millennials through access
to billions of social media conversations.

Millennials have grown up in a world of constant Beta – where products are never finished and they
expect a hand in their creation. They want a stake in developing products and in how you run your
company. To stay loyal, they insist that companies involve them in all areas of their business.

This session will help separate fact from fiction about the fastest growing consumer generation in the
marketplace, globally.
The question isn't how fast the creative industry will adapt to millenials, it is how quickly the rest of the population will begin to demand 26 hours in their day.


Jason Dorsey The Gen Y Guy The Center For Generational Kinetics LLC

I'm The Gen Y Guy. My passion is teaching entrepreneurs and execs how to leverage the purchasing patterns driven by Millennials and Gen Y. It's cool stuff. We basically get to help all kinds of interesting companies grow faster.

My day job is Chief Strategy Officer at The Center for Generational Kinetics. Our clients are fast-growth tech companies and Fortune 500 brands.

I wrote my first bestselling book at age 18. My two latest books are: Y-Size Your Business and My Reality Check Bounced.

I'm also a Gen Y'er who is married to a Gen X'er!

Lisa Pearson Chief Marketing Officer Bazaarvoice

As CMO of Bazaarvoice, Lisa Pearson understands the value of word of mouth. The company hosts consumer conversations across thousands sites every day – real people’s opinions that boost sales and improve products. Conversations like these are at the center of how Millennials shop for products and discover brands. Insights from this avalanche of social data let Lisa see the trends tomorrow’s shoppers live by – and let her share these trends with you.

Lisa frequently speaks on forward-thinking strategies in marketing and social data for the American Marketing Association, Marketing 360, McCombs School of Business, NYU Stern School of Business, SXSW® Interactive, and others. With more than 20 years of global marketing experience at Fortune 100 companies including AMEX, Dell, and P&G, her passion for marketing strategy spans industries.

Lisa earned a bachelor’s degree in English literature from Tulane University and is Chairman of the Board of FlowNonFiction.