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What Does Guitar Hero Have to Do with Your Health?

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Everyone wants to get healthier. New solutions arrive daily. Yet the challenge isn’t getting people to try new things and start new habits but getting them to stick with them. A new generation of hardware and software solutions are tackling this problem by integrating gamification, socialization and habit design mechanics into their platforms to create ongoing engagement. The founders of two start-ups who are tackling this problem in two fundamentally different ways will chat with each other about their approaches. Nadeem Kassam, founder of Basis (, is building healthy behaviors through the integration of habit design into a hardware and software solution. Kai Huang of Guitar Hero fame, has founded a new start-up, Blue Goji (, to tackle the problem through a software-based gamification approach. Hear their lessons learned and how their companies could influence one of the most critical issues of our time: the nation’s health.




Kai Huang is a co-founder of RedOctane and has been the President and CEO since 1999. Publishers of the popular Guitar Hero franchise, RedOctane was acquired by Activision in June 2006. Prior to RedOctane, Mr. Huang was co-founder and CEO of Adux Software, a software company developing solutions for the server appliance market. Adux Software was sold in 1999. From July 1994 to August 1998, Mr. Huang was a consultant with Accenture where he worked with Fortune 500 clients in the area of supply chain management. Mr. Huang holds a BA in computer science from the University of California at Berkeley.

Nadeem Kassam Founder Basis Science Inc

Nadeem Kassam is the Founder and Chief Alliance Officer at Basis, a director at Zynik Capital Corp, the Founder of BioBeats as well as an angel investor in a number of exciting start-ups and projects.

Nadeem's grand vision is about merging the worlds of healthcare and entertainment - using biometrics, game mechanics, music, media, and mobile technology to harness the collective pulse of billions of hearts worldwide.

Nadeem always keeps tab on his heart rate with his Basis band – be it cycling to work or running after his two young daughters trying to convince them to eat their vegetables.