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Brands, Bloggers & the Social Commerce Future

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You’ve heard this, “A woman walks into a bar…” In our version, it’s five years from now and goes: “A woman walks into a bar. She sees someone in a great pair of boots. What does she do?”
BlogHer CEO and co-founder Lisa Stone leads this session to define social commerce, what works, what doesn’t and why, with key takeaways for brands looking to employ social commerce. Women turn to online sources at critical points in their purchase process, both as a first stop and after they’ve narrowed choices. Blogs correlate strongly with seeking information during the purchasing process, with more than 60 percent of the general population turning to online/social media before making a purchase.
Social media is misunderstood. Businesses bucket Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and every platform into one single category. Each affects women and their purchasing decisions in different ways. This session explores how brands can maximize on social commerce based on the trends seen in the past.


Lisa Stone CEO & Co-founder BlogHer LLC