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Shut Up & Breathe: Meditation & Storytelling FTW!

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Storytelling is probably one of the most overused words in marketing today. The bigger problem is that many people who are using it wouldn't know a real story if it bit them in the posterior. Amidst the clarion calls for people to get out there, tell their story and do it fast or be left behind, a clear voice for true authenticity is arising. It is a voice that comes from an unusual place ... silence. In a growing trend more and more businesses and individuals are turning to meditation practices not merely as a way to relax but also as a way to identify and craft company messaging and strengthen team dynamics. In this workshop attendees will experience a guided mediation, learn the different types of meditation that can be leveraged for productive business and may even get a little zen glow to carry them through the chaos that is SXSW!


Cathy Brooks Founder, Raconteur Other Than That

A career communications strategist, Cathy Brooks presently operates Other Than That, a firm offering advisory services to companies and individuals wishing to navigate the complexities of persuasive storytelling in business. A specialized firm, the services help guide storytelling and, more importantly, help bulletproof brands through workshops and advisory services. To slake her thirst for content creation Cathy blogs and hosts The Conversation, a weekly, on-line program focusing on how technology is changing our world. Previously Cathy ran business development for San Francisco-based Seesmic, worked with global analyst firm Guidewire Group, headed guest booking at TechTV helped curate content for LeWeb.