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Progress & Tech in the Middle East: Friend or Foe?

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There have been many attempts to emulate Silicon Valley, but this year we’ll see a tech mecca spring up in an unlikely place: the Middle East. Brilliant entrepreneurs pack up their lives and move to San Francisco in pursuit of its “secret sauce,” but the recipe does not always lie in Silicon Valley. The Middle East is becoming a popular place to turn startups into Fortune 500 companies. Middle Eastern entrepreneurs have created innovative companies – an app gamifying prayer and a panoramic photo app creating a Zen-like experience for users – that are bringing wealth and prestige back to their countries. One company, PITME ("Progress in Technology Middle East"), is fostering this movement by finding and motivating strong companies with product and traction that are ready for global markets. PITME has a lot to share about the inventions and business ventures taking place in the Middle East and will provide insight into why/how it will be the location of the next tech boom.


Nima Adelkhani Founder PITME