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When Movies Met Innovation: An Untold Love Story

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We’re more open than ever before to embracing the latest technologies and content consumption forms. At-home entertainment options can provide a more attractive and economical experience than leaving the couch.
The cinema industry is feeling the effects of these changing consumer habits more than anyone. Services like Netflix and devices like the iPad, with on demand movie access, have changed the way movies are consumed. Films are made to be seen on the theater big screen, yet movie theater attendance is on a steady decline as these other delivery models continue to increase.
While we’ve started to see the first steps being taken to make the moviegoing process more in-tune with today's consumer, a constant fuel of innovation is necessary to reignite the passion around cinema.
In this Future-15 presentation MoviePass co-founder and CEO Stacy Spikes will take a look at the past, present and future of movies, and discuss the need for meaningful innovation in the industry.


Stacy Spikes MoviePass

Stacy is the CEO/Co-Founder of MoviePass, the nation’s premier movie theater subscription service. Stacy is also the Founder and Chairman Emeritus of the Urbanworld® Film Festival, the largest competitive festival of its kind, which he started in 1997. Stacy has more than a decade of additional experience in the entertainment industry including several senior marketing roles at Miramax, Sony Music, Motown Records and October Film. Stacy is currently based in Greenwich Village, NY with his wife and daughter.