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DevOps: Empowering Developers with Infrastructure

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RSVP Required - Configuring, deploying, and managing Big Data infrastructure, Hadoop in particular, is time consuming and expensive. Infochimps’ Ironfan is an open source systems configuration suite for the cloud, quickly and easily orchestrating an entire Big Data stack including data ingestion, scraping, storage, computation, and monitoring. With Ironfan, you can spin up clusters when you need them and turn them off when you don’t, enabling you to spend your time, money, and engineering focus on finding insights and creating value, not getting your machines ready. In this workshop, we will go from a single development machine to a full-stack cloud deployment. Everyone will set up their own Ironfan deployment environment, stand up some simple servers to demonstrate the basics of Ironfan and Silverware (our core deployment libraries), and then dive into the deep end with a Hadoop deployment (and more, if time allows).

Basic understanding of system administration and programming. Set up free demo accounts for Opscode and Amazon Web Services. Download user keys (client and IAM, respectively) for both accounts.

What to Bring:
Laptop and User Account Keys (Opscode & Amazon Web Services).

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Amanda McGuckin Hager Dir of Mktg Infochimps

I am a high-tech marketing professional with over 17 years of experience focused on strategic marketing programs that drive demand. As a key company contributor, I foster strong relationships with board members, executives, product and sales teams. As an enthusiast of online tools, services and vendors, I am always testing new ways to drive to objectives and increase ROI. Additionally, I am a strong advocate of user experience, community collaboration, and authentic brand development.

My experience covers both B2B and B2C segments in high-tech industries such as hardware, software, retail, and services, my experience spans scrappy start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, includes B2B and B2C audiences, and addresses industries such as Healthcare, Retail, Government and Education. Working in both scrappy start-ups and in solid Fortune 50 companies, much of my knowledge is learned on the job. More often than not, my Marketing Program objectives include “doing more with less,” the driving force behind my early adoption of technology and my vast appreciation of rockstar intern talent.

Nathaniel Eliot Sr Ops Engineer Infochimps

Senior Ops Engineer at Infochimps, and lead developer for the Ironfan project. I've been a computer geek for longer than I haven't, and several other things, too.

Ryan Miller Manager, Big Data Sales Strategy & Ops Infochimps

I moved to Austin, TX from Ann Arbor, MI in 2010, to attend the University of Texas at Austin, where I earned an MS in Technology Commercialization in 2011. While completing my degree, I founded ClearBrook Imaging, a cardiac diagnostic imaging company with the world’s first photo-acoustic catheter. As a founder, I performed fundraising activities, product roadmapping, and strategic business planning. I am currently the Market Development Strategist at Infochimps, Inc. the number one Enterprise Big Data Cloud, where I am responsible for identifying opportunities for new business and market expansion. I also serve as the President of the McCombs MSTC Alumni Foundation and consult with numerous startups.

Tim Gasper Dir of Prod Infochimps Inc

Tim Gasper is Director of Product at Infochimps. Infochimps provides the Infochimps Platform, a cloud service that offers the fastest, most accessible way to implement a Big Data analytics stack. Previously, he co-founded Keepstream, a social media analytics platform company, where he led product and marketing. Tim has five years of product experience, with expertise in customer development, product development, product marketing, lean startup methodology, user experience, community management, and analytics.