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Presenting Complex Information with Simplicity

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Complex stories and information can often be difficult to explain. Presented poorly, they can come across as too dense or intimidating to understand. And that can leave you and your audience frustrated.
Join our panelists as they explore various digital and artistic approaches to simplifying complex data and subject matter while still conveying that information in an engaging way. Using examples from the healthcare and medical industry, they will demonstrate how technology, dynamic visuals and interaction design can take complicated information and present it in a dynamic and understandable manner. They will also discuss how design style and artistic vision can transform a topic as intimidating as anatomy and physiology into an approachable conversation with a fresh understanding of the topic.
This panel will help you rethink how you visualize your complex information and inspire you to consider new ways to tell your story.


Tristen George Creative Dir, Digital AbelsonTaylor

As a Creative Director at AbelsonTaylor, I lead the creation of innovative digital experiences that deliver memorable, emotional, and intriguing marketing messages to consumer and physician audiences. Whether speaking to customers through websites, mobile applications, social networks, or even software interfaces, my primary focus is creating simple and concise communications through rich interactivity. Always seeking to push the boundaries of my industry I strive to meld the art of design with the science of technology to create digital experiences that seamlessly immerse customers in the brand’s narrative.

With over 18 years in advertising and marketing in New York, Miami, and Chicago, my roots in traditional advertising and design serve as a solid foundation for my approach to creating digital experiences. In this way, the key elements of my approach––understanding the impact of emerging technologies, focusing on user experience, and designing tactile and emotional interactions––are always based on the core principles of advertising: strategy, storytelling and visualization.

Over the years I’ve maintained a focus on creating integrated digital campaigns for some of the word’s most recognized brands such as: Allstate, The Ritz-Carlton, Kitchen Aid, Jenn-Air, Metromix, Abbott, Ensure, BCBS, Florsheim, Kenmore, Takeda, Eli Lilly, and Amgen. These brand efforts have been executed across a variety of channels including: websites, CRM programs, software platforms, ipad applications, digital platforms, mobile devices, broadcast, video and good old ink on paper.

Vanessa Ruiz Designer & Curator Street Anatomy

As a trained medical illustrator, Vanessa Ruiz encompasses the perfect balance of scientific analysis with creative execution. With over 5 years of experience crafting visual and user interface designs for the pharmaceutical/healthcare industry she is able to dissect complex information into simplicity through design and interaction.

Obsessed with the beauty and intrigue of human anatomy Vanessa founded Street Anatomy in 2007 to showcase how anatomy is visualized in art, design, and pop culture through a visual blog, gallery shows, and gallery store. Anatomical illustration and medical imaging are breaking out of the confines of the medical world and are being used by artists and designers to bring a human and emotional element to their art—as well as a touch of memento mori. Through Street Anatomy, Vanessa strives to showcase and promote these artists and designers who consistently find innovative ways to portray anatomy in contemporary art, street art, tattoos, fashion, and beyond.