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Affinity, Intent & the War for Marketing Dollars

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Every day people conduct billions of searches on Google, and in the process they create what John Battelle famously called a ‘database of intentions:’ A massive record of the world’s desires that helps the company generate tens of billions of dollars in advertising revenue. But Facebook, perhaps the only other company that has collected as much data as Google, has had nowhere near the same luck turning its data into dollars. Why? Because unlike Google’s ‘database of intentions,’ Facebook has unwittingly built a ‘database of affinity:' A massive record of what people like rather than what they intend to do.
The database of affinity is potentially as valuable as the database of intentions — but neither Facebook nor marketers have managed to unlock or measure that value. The question is: Who can find the hidden value in this database of affinity, and how will this change marketing?



Nate Elliott VP Principal Analyst Forrester Research

For more than 15 years, Nate has been helping companies build better marketing programs in a world where technology has radically changed their customers' behaviors.

As a Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester, Nate developed the Interactive Brand Ecosystem and Marketing RaDaR models to help marketers integrate digital and traditional channels into best-in-class brand marketing campaigns. He's worked with senior marketers to implement these ideas at leading packaged goods, consumer electronics, financial services and pharmaceutical companies.

In nearly 10 years as a research analyst, Nate has also led Forrester's research and consulting on social marketing, rich media and video advertising, and European interactive marketing. In 2003 he founded JupiterResearch's coverage of search marketing. Previously Nate developed new online advertising products and standards in roles with DoubleClick (now Google), Macromedia (now Adobe), and the IAB.

Nate is regularly called upon by his clients and the media to provide analysis and insight into digital marketing and media. He is a frequent speaker at industry events around the world, including keynotes at the Forrester Marketing Forum, NEXT Berlin, and Ad:Tech, as well as speeches at the Web 2.0 Expo and SXSW (2013).

Nate is a native of Syracuse, NY, and a graduate of Cornell University. He has lived in London, Berlin and Vancouver, and is now based in New York.