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Your Destiny in the Digital Age: Who's in Control?

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In the march to a more connected world, technology increasingly helps us to manage our day-to-day lives in more ways. Our behavior is tracked with sensors on smart devices; our social posts and tweets are mined for insight by marketers, our online actions are monitored and our location is logged where ever we go. This personal information plays a key role in driving the Big Data revolution. The race for better algorithms to predict our next move and the products we’d like to buy is on allowing marketers to create the digital impulse buy. Facebook prompts us to wish a friend happy birthday, perhaps re-starting a relationship long forgotten and creating the impulse interaction. Is this a passive innocuous helping hand or does it move us towards a state of assisted living, removing our ability to define the outcome of our own lives? How many of the actions we take are purely our will and how many have been the result of a guiding force?


Ben Essen Head of Planning iris London