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Now You See Me: The Future of Ambient Location

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Imagine if you could know all about someone just by looking at them. You could remember people's names, sense when friends were nearby, and see hidden connections around you wherever you went.
Soon, the mobile phones we carry will give us these powers, and we will wonder what we ever did without them. How will this change the way we socialize, learn about the people around us, and bring others into our lives? What are the privacy implications of this shift, and where could the technology take us next?
This session will explore the current state and future promise of ambient location services, one year after Highlight's launch.


Paul Davison Founder/CEO Highlight

Paul Davison is the founder and CEO of Highlight - a mobile app that helps you learn about and share with the people around you. Paul began developing Highlight as an EIR at Benchmark Capital. Prior to that, Paul was a VP at Metaweb, a semantic web company acquired by Google in 2010. Earlier, Paul held various product and operational roles at Google and at Bain & Company. He received an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business and a BS from Stanford University.