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Social Media Was Fun. Has Measurement Killed It?

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Our culture is becoming more and more obsessed with data each day. Why? It's fun. Many people argue that measurement has killed social media– it’s let the marketers take over! But, the same data marketers use can be used by individuals to make better decisions, make more money, and even have more sex. And it doesn't require a data science degree to enjoy. The data is out there. It's accessible, and you can consume it, visualize it, and act on it, many times for free. It's big data for everyone. Are you ready to take advantage of it? This session will show you how social data can be turned into useful nuggets that can improve your personal life, health and business. Use analytics to track your friends so you know what birthday present to buy; better understand behaviors and what the opposite sex responds to; make data-driven personal decisions about what to watch, what to buy, and be ahead of the trends



Adam Schoenfeld CEO Simply Measured

Adam is the CEO and Co-Founder of Simply Measured. Adam has led Simply Measured to become a well recognized brand in the analytics market, serving 25% of the top 100 global brands and over 45,000 users. He has been quoted on data-related topics in places like Forbes, Mashable, ReadWriteWeb and spoken about measurement and analytics at events around the country. Adam is a two-time entrepreneur, former Analyst and Management Consultant, and a long-time data geek.

Matt Thomson VP Business Dev & Platform Klout

Matt Thomson is the VP of Business Development & Platform at Klout where he focuses on strategic business development and corporate development. Prior to Klout, Matt was GM for Business Products and Analytics at Lithium, and Product Manager for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. He also did the MBA thing at MIT Sloan.