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Who Run the (Internet) World: Women

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Think pink is the way to market to girls? Think again. Women and the teen girls they were know the power of their affections when it comes to entertainment, the internet, and the attention economy -- and yet they're primarily focused on making new friends and telling each other stories. Creating space for girls and women to support each other is more difficult than telling women how to aspire to be perfect but in the digital and social world the status quo isn't flying -- and shouldn't. Marketing to women isn't just marketing to girls or mothers, so why do so many campaigns pigeonhole women into those two categories? How do you talk to an audience that primarily wants to talk to each other? Why is the greater Internet dismissive of the power of girls and women?


Ann Glenn Dir Social Media Sony Pictures Interactive

Ann Glenn has 15 years of experience in digital marketing production with a specialization in social media and community management. She currently oversees social media for Sony Pictures Interactive, including the movie, home entertainment and television groups. She has developed best practices that have been shared amongst several divisions and verticals under the company umbrella. Ann has developed creative ideas for social media applications and streamlined internal production processes for development of these projects. She has taught social media classes, put on lectures to a variety of Sony employees and has advised external groups on all things social. Ann has a passion for social media, not only working in the arena but being an active participant as well. She is an ‘early adopter’ who enjoys using social media and learning how to leverage various platforms and their API’s to build robust, creative, strategic, engaging social media campaigns.

Back when the world was still on dial-up, Ann produced the award-winning Dawson's Desktop, which pioneered a new level of fan interaction with the digital lives of their favorite TV characters on Dawson's Creek. More recently, Ann organized and executed a strategic social media campaign for the 2012 Emmy Awards, working closely with the Twitter, Facebook production staff and the Television Academy.

Most importantly, Ann is from Alaska!

Jenna Wortham Reporter The New York Times

Megan Westerby Vice President of Marketing at Collective Digital Studio The Collective

Megan Westerby, Vice President of Marketing for the Collective Digital Studio, is an expert in social media strategy, online branding, marketing and new media storytelling. As Social Media Senior Coordinator at The Recording Academy, she was instrumental in expanding digital reach, including increasing television ratings for the GRAMMY Awards for three years running. At Sony Pictures Interactive, a full service digital marketing she managed innovative projects including an all-digital campaign to promote the theatrical re-release of Ghostbusters. She joined CDS to bring her community building and audience development skills to platforms and clients including Metacafe, NODE Studios, and Freddie W's VGHS. She cares deeply about the open future of the internet and spent a year as the Chair of the Development and Membership Committee for the Organization for Transformative Works. @meganwest

Rae Votta MTV Networks

Rae Votta is obsessed with obsession. She has her Masters in the linguistics of fan communities from the University of Georgia and has applied that degree to her work in the digital and entertainment industries. She has managed some combination of social media, blogging, PR and fan community strategy for companies that include AOL, Atlantic Records, Huffington Post, Current TV, Logo, VH1, MTV, Tumblr and Billboard. You can follow her @raevotta or at