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How To Think Like a Scientist & Save the World

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I’m an engineer. That doesn’t just describe my training or my job description, it’s who I am. I look at the world through a scientific, analytical lens, and when I identify problems, I prototype ways to solve them. Engineers have unique viewpoints and skills and, I argue, a unique responsibility to use our abilities for the good of all. Why can’t we, as engineers, team up to solve some of the world’s biggest problems? If you’ve read about (or lived) the Lean Startup or used Agile practices to build things incrementally and iteratively, you know how important it is to take action now, and not wait. As an engineer, you understand the value of gathering data, learning quickly, steering reactively and constantly improving whatever you’re working on. Based on Ryan’s real-world experiences, this session will focus on how to better understand, educate and enable the citizen engineer, giving them the practical advice and tools they need to take on this important responsibility.


Ryan Martens CTO & Founder Rally Software Development

Ryan Martens founded Rally Software 10 years ago with the goal of being one of the first for-profit software companies to break the take-make-waste cycle of technology in our society. Today, he stands on the precipice of a major breakthrough toward that goal by launching a foundation that will bring together and fund citizen engineers to help solve some of our world's toughest challenges. Ryan is a founding board member and CEO of the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado, which brings together local venture capitalists and start-ups to set aside 1 percent of their profits to charity and is likely to release $2 million to endow Colorado within a 5-year span. Ryan is a mentor at the Unreasonable Institute and Boulder TechStars and a member of the engineering entrepreneurship efforts at the University of Colorado atBoulder. Ryan integrates work, life and sustainability on his farm, raising horses, dogs, chickens, goats, burros, bees, worms and canaries.