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I Want My $28! Rockin' Email Marketing ROI

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What if each email you sent earned you $28?
Email marketing (yes, STILL) rocks the highest return on investment of any medium. That is, if you do it right. Are you getting your $28 ROI?
Ok, do you even *know* your email ROI? How much revenue do you make per email subscriber?
After you learn that, Jessica Best (email marketing dweeb for emfluence) will show you 3 ways you can guarantee improvements in your ROI:
(1) Get into the inbox (and not the spam folder)
(2) Re-engage lost or fading email subscribers
(3) Segment your list and target your messages to drive response rates up.
Learn to fine-tune your digital marketing instruments and tactics by testing every step of the way to really get the most out of email marketing.
WARNING: Any data-phobes who hate measurable marketing, anyone who has perfect email marketing campaigns already, and those guys that send us pharmaceutical ads in Russian need *not* attend.


Jessica Best Community Dir emfluence

Jessica is Community Director, aka Parade Leader (social media, email marketing, events, client and prospect education) at emfluence. She's worked in email marketing for 6 years, from nonprofit to national brands.