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Alcoholic Designs Organization, Shenanigans Ensue

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Much of how we “do work,” has changed in recent years, yet little has changed in how we design organizations. Our antiquated organizational and management models are ill-equipped to marshal the intangible assets so integral to how we create value today - things like diversity, creativity, identity and dissent. We are today sloppy and reckless with our most valuable resources. Alcoholics to the rescue! Not really. But kind of. Alcoholics Anonymous is not organized in any formal sense and is sometimes referred to as a benign anarchy, yet it has grown consistently since its beginning and has been incredibly successful. It has done this without a highly paid CEO, branding consultants or social media gurus. A.A. seems to have some valuable lessons for us as we work to architect organizations better able to thrive on todays terrain. You do not need to be a practicing or recovering alcoholic to benefit from this session, just have some interest in new organizational architecture.


Joe Gerstandt speaker, shouter, whisperer, freak flag flier