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Prototyping UX in a Touch First World

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RSVP Required - The wireframing and prototyping techniques, tools and software we use have a legacy problem. Much of it is very button-centric. And many of the great apps, games and experiences we create live on touch devices. So how do we reprogram and evolve our prototyping practice for a touch first world?
Let’s break out the sharpies, markers and post-its and together we’ll sketch, experiment and problem-solve with paper prototypes. We’ll use some quick and clever tricks to mimic gestures and touch interactions to test our ideas. This will be 100% hands-on, interactive and collaborative…and with you there, 100% awesome.


What to Bring:
Bring yourself, all materials will be provided to you.

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Sara Summers User Experience Evangelist Microsoft

Sara Summers is a User Experience Evangelist at Microsoft, living in Austin, TX. She coauthored a book for experience designers, entitled Dynamic Prototyping and has a personal design mantra: happy, healthy designers and developers working and playing together to create beautiful, inspirational products. Sara loves to talk about big ideas, changing everything, breaking your toys, throwing away your designs and capturing new ideas. Sara reads everything she can get her hands on and prides herself in being an armchair social and cognitive scientist and researcher. Academically, she is trained as a technologist and visual designer, with a BS in Computer Graphics Technology, from Purdue University.