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Beyond UXD: Transforming Experience Through Design

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Everybody is talking about user experience design, but what does experience actually mean? And how can we work with experience in design?
Experience is what we do and what we feel, together in a flow. It corresponds to the relational domain between, for example, swimming in the sea and the thoughts, sensations, and emotions that are triggered when we do it. In this session, I will present theories and practices about the nature of experience alongside a new interactive game that designers can use to address experience in their design processes and products.
The interactive game allows players (who take on the roles of designers, clients, reviewers, or users) to bring forth new and surprising experiences through a collaborative process of exchanging designs and describing what is done and felt with these designs. There is just one trick— to ensure that our experiences are not driven by preconceived notions, descriptions cannot include the name of the object that is being designed!



Daniel Rosenberg Designer/Researcher MIT Design & Computation Group

Daniel Rosenberg is an architect, designer and researcher with a fresh vision of how to expand the current dialogue about technology and creativity, with an approach that taps the basic and profound feelings and doings that constitute the human experience.

Daniel is currently completing his PhD at the MIT Design & Computation Group, and he is a collaborator at Matriztica and associate researcher at Catholic University of Chile Master of Innovation. He has shown his work in Chile, Israel, Canada, and the US including SXSW 2013, MIT, and Disney Animation Studios.