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Creativity Is Epidemic: Lessons from Viruses

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Creativity is often seen as a light bulb, either on or off, I have it or I don't. When it's off and your job is to apply it, panic strikes and the focuses becomes less on the problem to solve and more on how to get creativity back online. Yet when it's flowing, not many people think of spreading it, or know how to. What if creativity mimicked the patterns of epidemics; is there anything we could learn from viruses to keep it shining bright?
This talk will look at the science gathered on viruses and pandemics to spot insights that will help creativity become the most useful virus ever to replicate and will share insights that will help turning it on when it's needed.


Sophie Freiermuth Principal User Experience Consultant POSSIBLE

Sophie is an award-winning Principal User Experience Consultant at interactive marketing agency POSSIBLE. Her six years’ experience have seen her work on some of the world’s biggest brands including Nokia, Nike, Xbox, Fiat and American Express.

Famed for her creative and expansive approach to problem solving, which encompasses accessibility, content, brand perception, user and business needs and marketing, Sophie strives to deliver results which are rewarding, engaging and successful through a collaborative process.

When she’s not caring for clients at POSSIBLE, Sophie can be found around the UX scene, in London and abroad, on a mission to grow better skills within the community and to develop a sensitivity towards good user experiences in neighbouring disciplines: dev, design, etc.