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Mobile Web Apps Suck! (But They Don't Have To)

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RSVP Required - Bill will help attendees develop an HTML5 app optimized for mobile devices. HTML5 apps are web apps on steroids, providing awesome touch interactions, hardware-accelerated graphics, and the ability to work offline without any internet connection at all. Bill will briefly discuss the business opportunities that HTML5 apps offer before leading the group through a series of steps toward the creation of an app. Topics discussed will include responsive web design, cross-device touch event handling (including the new pointer events in IE10), optimized animations, testing hardware-accelerated graphics, technologies for storing or caching app resources for offline use, asynchronous UI ("optimistic rendering"), JavaScript application frameworks, benefits and limitations of save-to-home-screen, and device hardware APIs. The emphasis of the workshop will be on features and performance, and the discussion will swing quickly between high-level strategy and technical implementation details.

Attendees should be fluent in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Ideally, attendees will have GitHub accounts and be familiar with Git to be able to quickly access the code examples, and while this will not be strictly required, those unable to work with Git will be at a disadvantage.

What to Bring:
Attendees should bring an internet-enabled touchscreen device and a laptop.

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Bill Fisher Sr Design Engineer Hot Studio Inc

Bill Fisher leads development teams and provides strategic foresight for innovation projects at Hot Studio. He writes code across the entire web stack, and is the author of Touchy (, a jQuery plugin for managing touch events in mobile browsers. He also leads Hot Labs (, a Hot Studio blog focused on emerging interactions and technological innovation.