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Interfaces, Accessibility & Superheroes

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RSVP Required - BAM! POW! Beloved superhero Daredevil squelches his enemies with speed and precision, completely uninhibited by his blindness. Overcoming adversity, discovering superpowers, and saving the world are common themes in comics and graphic novels. Our mission is to bring those themes into the world of accessible design.
The World Heath Organization and the World Bank report that nearly 1 out of 7 of the world's population has some form of disability. Creating products and services that don't include alternate interaction models is a failure on a global scale. Designers and engineers are the middlemen between disability and super-ability, and it is our duty to help break interface barriers. This session will explore examples and methods for understanding and practicing accessible design.

Becoming familiar with the accessibility settings of preferred devices and platforms is suggested, though not required.

What to Bring:
Preferred sketching and/or rapid prototyping tools. A digital device of choice (smartphone, tablet, etc)

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Livia Veneziano Visual Designer Fjord

Livia Veneziano is a hybrid visual designer. With a penchant for pixel perfection, she is passionate about maintaining the core values of universal design and accessibility, and creating scalable systems for cross-platform services that extend beyond digital touchpoint. With a background in publishing and advertising, she brings a unique approach to designing for digital.

Livia has worked with clients including PayPal, Apollo Group and Google for projects in the banking, mobile payments and education industries and continues to work independently on projects that advance the practice of accessible design in today's rapidly changing digital environment.

Yvonne So Interaction Designer Fjord

Yvonne is a user experience designer specializing in providing innovative, user-centric interaction design solutions for desktop software, web and mobile platforms. She is passionate about maximizing accessibility and usability on all projects with a cross-functional understanding of information architecture, user engagement and content strategy. At Fjord, Yvonne is a problem solver and service design consultant that has worked with numerous high-profile clients in industries such as music, social media, finance, banking and mobile payments.