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AAA for Everyone: Deep Dive with Unity 4

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RSVP Required - Unity 4 demonstrates the platform's AAA push that levels the playing field between the largest and the smallest studios. It enables anyone, from the most indie game designer to the biggest multinational AAA studios, to develop amazing games and effortlessly deploy to multiple platforms.

This workshop will take an in-depth look at development with Unity 4 and the new opportunities for game development. Topics will include: Mecanim - groundbreaking character animation technology and how to bring characters to life in a few mouse clicks with incredibly fluid and natural motion; visual fidelity and AAA rendering; Linux publishing.

Beginner level with 3D asset creation or basic programming.

What to Bring:
Laptop with Unity installed on it. Free download is available on the Unity website:

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Carl Callewaert Unity Evangelist Unity Technologies

With 10 years production and evangelism experiences in the game industry, Carl likes to share his experiences with the Unity community. Prior to working as a product evangelist at Unity Technologies, Carl was hands on with AAA and indie game development and shared his knowledge at the Gaming and Animation Institute as eMentor.

Corey Johnson Field Engineer Unity Technologies