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The Community Manager: Enter the C-Suite

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RSVP Required - Community Manager (CM) is one of the most buzzworthy job titles in the online media industry. There are countless variations of the job, and little clarity on where it falls in the organizational hierarchy. CM’s are entry-level at most digital agencies. Those at startups and brands are often expected to design and run entire social media programs, be their customers’ top advocate, and educate other on how social media works and what it can do for the business...with little support or understanding of their role. With the growth of the social enterprise, as marketing budgets shift from traditional to social, is the role likely to evolve into Chief Community Officer? Chief Customer Advocate? Or will experienced CM’s transition into new roles? This interactive session makes the audience an integral part of answering, “where do the uber-skilled CM’s of today go tomorrow?” We present a brief overview of the role, then focus on creating a collaborative Community Manager Manifesto.

While there are no prerequisites, instructor suggests only experienced community managers, or those with community management in their background or purview attend. It is important that attendees have not only an understanding of the position but also a desire to see it continue to evolve. Come with an open mind and forward-thinking, innovative ideas you'd like to share.

What to Bring:
Laptop, tablet, are recommended for keeping notes and sharing documents. Photos and videos will be encouraged. Sketch pads and drawing utensils welcomed too.

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Natalie Rodic Marsan Founder & Lead Strategist BrokenOpenMedia

Natalie is an entrepreneur, social media strategist, and community management trainer and advocate. In 2011, she launched her boutique consulting firm, BrokenOpenMedia, to help organizations utilize new media platforms, create masterful strategies and brand experiences and build thriving customer communities. She resides in New York City, but her work has spanned the globe. Clients have included those in corporate and indie entertainment, consumer products, ecommerce/retail, tech startup, as well as NGO's and philanthropies. Besides BOM, Natalie is working on an early stage tech startup based in Austria and another one focused on bettering tourism in Croatia. She is co-organizer of #CMmeetup (Community Managers Meetup), and board member of global education non-profit, Dounia Project. She holds a BFA from The University of Texas at Austin and a Master's degree from The New School.

Nick Cicero Lead Social Strategist LiveFyre

Nick is the Lead Social Strategist at Livefyre and has developed innovative social strategies for Grammy award winning artists, Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and more. He focuses on helping businesses create meaningful connections with their audience and channel the power of social media through measurable integrated marketing campaigns.

He is frequent contributor to blogs such as Mashable and Social Fresh, as well as his own blog Modern Day Cicero, and his work has been featured in ReadWriteWeb, The New York Times, The Daily Dot, Orlando Sentinel, Florida Times-Union, among others.

Tim McDonald Community Mgr The Huffington Post