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Sensoring the News: Detector-Driven Journalism

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The vast majority of data journalism is based on data collected by the government. What if the government doesn't keep the data you need? What if that data is incomplete or questionable? A few journalists and curious citizens are developing inexpensive ways to gather their own useful data. Some are tapping into the maker movement's Internet of Things. Others are working to corral information from sensors in hundreds of smartphones. The goal? Better understand, report on and expose issues around pollution, noise, radiation, traffic and other detectable parts of our communities.


John Keefe Sr Editor for Data News WNYC Radio

John Keefe is the Senior Editor for Data News & Journalism Technology at WNYC, New York Public Radio. He is part of WNYC's Data News Team, which helps infuse the station's journalism with data reporting, maps, interactive applications and crowdsourcing projects. Previously, Keefe led WNYC's news operation for nine years and grew its capacity for breaking news, election coverage and investigative reporting.

Matt Waite Professor of Practice University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Nadav Aharony Co-Founder & CEO Behavio

Nadav Aharony is co-founder and CEO at Behavio. He completed his Ph.D. at the MIT Media Lab, where he investigated the use of mobile phones as social and behavioral sensors, conducted one of the largest mobile data experiments done in academia, and initiated the open source mobile sensing platform that became Aharony was a fellow for three years at the MIT Center for Civic Media, working on mobile and social activism topics. Most recently he worked at Google, as a product manager in the Android team.

Sarah Williams Asst Professor & Dir of the Civic Data Design Project Massachusetts Institute of Technology