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Your Outsourcer’s Outsourcer Will Be a Robot

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The world isn’t flat yet. But as it gets flatter, distributed teams are appearing in nearly every industry from clothing to customer service & from technology to teaching. This threatening reality gets even more complex when we consider that we are also already competing with robotics in most physical-labor industries.

What you probably don’t realize is that whole jobs don’t become automated or distributed. Fragments of jobs become automated or distributed & they do this in very predictable ways.

We’ll discuss how the work that every one of us does can be broken up into fragments. We’ll cover the Hierarchy of Work. This Maslovian-esque pyramid illustrates that the work we do is actually a collection of hierarchically-related tasks. We can use this to predict which fragments will be snatched up by the rapidly emerging international & robotic workforces.

Don’t worry. You get to keep 20% of your job and we’ll tell you which 20%.



Dan Chuparkoff Software Prod, Mktg, & Operations Leader Atlassian Software

Dan Chuparkoff is a Software Product, Marketing, & Operations Leader from San Francisco, CA. He is a Product Evangelist, Collaboration Ninja, Developer, Technology Strategist, Digital Implementation Guy, & Author of the forthcoming book, 'Your Outsourcer's Outsourcer Will be a Robot'.