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The Future Is Now: Futuristic UIs with HTML5

#sxsw #futureUI


RSVP Required - The user interface is changing. So, lets adapt to those changes. HTML5 makes new and exciting web interfaces possible. We'll look at some examples and do a step-by-step code walkthrough of some of the most exciting features of HTML5. Learn how to access the camera, detect orientation change on mobile devices, web sockets, and more. At the end you will walk away with a fully functional, real-time, web app to show all of your friends!

Some familiarity with JavaScript (no need for expert level). A Github account (

What to Bring:
Laptop and a mobile device.

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Matt Null Co-founder/Developer Null Empire

As a web developer, technologist, and entrepreneur, Matt is a creator of all things web. Matt is disciplined in a wide range of web technologies and is always eager to push the browser to its limits.

He is currently Principal and Web Developer at Null Empire, and a web developer with the design/build agency Bright & Shiny.