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The New API: Apps, Partners & Income

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API as a term is moving beyond technical insiders. That's because APIs themselves are more than just the nice-to-have feature they once were. It stands for Application Programmer Interface, but that tends to get an eyes-glazed look, even from some otherwise geeky people.
In this talk I'll show, through examples from those who have already succeeded with APIs, how there could be a new definition: Apps, Partners and Income.
Businesses that have embraced APIs have been able to expand in all three of these areas:
Apps: APIs allow for distribution to every platform.
Partners: APIs forge business relationships.
Income: APIs make you money.
The New API is about incorporating your business strategy into every aspect of your technical presence. And the best conduit for that is via APIs, which allow you to reach every app, expand your partnerships and grow your business' income.



Adam DuVander Exec Editor ProgrammableWeb