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Startup DNA: Hacking the Code

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No amount of process can fix culture. Decisions core to a startup affects how it executes moving forward: Principles, Team, Culture, Strategy, Customer, Product, Pricing, Funding, Process, Tactics, Marketing. Learn to genetically engineer a startup that reflects your values.

The availability of startup capital as well as the emergence of new platforms and forms of App distribution have created an explosion of new opportunities for entrepreneurs. However, it is not enough just to raise money and build something.

Every choice you make leads to different consequences and rewards. How will you navigate treacherous waters and build a company and products that are right for you and your particular team?

Learn from the experiences of three serial game entrepreneurs as they discuss what worked, what didn't, and why the principles around which a startup is formed can be so critical to it's success.



Dustin Clingman CEO Zee Gee Games

Margaret Wallace CEO Playmatics

Michael Agustin Founder & Chief Prod Officer GameSalad