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Distill Buzzwords & Build Fast, Scalable Systems

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RSVP Required - Building fast, scalable systems is about more than just the speed at which a request can be serviced. We must take into account how we scale a system’s throughput, persisted data size, hardware, contributing team members, and new features.

While Non-Blocking IO, Asynchrony, Parallelism, Data denormalization, NoSql, and the Cloud may be mysterious concepts, modern tools, frameworks, and languages have made these much easier to exercise and apply to scalable systems.

In this workshop, we will distill these buzz words and focus on concepts using real code examples (Javascript, Scala, Java and Groovy, etc.).
*How non-blocking IO and an asynchronous, reactive programming model help increase throughput.
*Core differences between databases.
*What should be taken into account when deciding on the right persistence model for a project.
*Best practices in aligning our domain and persistence models.
*Measuring our system and progress.
*Common pitfalls and anti-patterns in scaling.

A basic understanding of how the internet works, web programming, and one or more programming languages.

What to Bring:
Nothing is required, however we will be working with real code so a laptop is suggested if the attendee would like to hack along.

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Andrew Headrick Platform Architect Ticketfly

Andrew is currently the Platform Architect at Ticketfly, the leading ticketing and marketing platform for professional event promoters and venues. He specializes in scalable systems and distributed computing. Most recently he designed and built the reserved ticketing engine for Ticketfly, a horizontally scalable distributed system, optimized to handle contention and extreme bursts of traffic. He is an organizer of B.A.S.E (Bay Area Scala Enthusiasts) and is active in the open source community, as well as other user groups. Outside of the office, he drums for a few San Francisco bands and enjoys aggravating his little sister whenever possible.