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Maps as the Emotional Connective Tissue

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Why are maps engaging, emotional? If you think about a significant moment in your life (your first day of school, your wedding day, or your first broken heart), wherever that special moment happened, digital maps can accurately connect you to not just the physical location, but to the emotion that makes that place significant to you.
In the last year, the world’s top creative agencies used the Google Maps API as part of a significant advertising campaign. Using maps as the ‘emotional connective tissue,’ a personal connection to the consumer can be created in websites, interactive campaigns, mobile apps, games, and much more. In this session, we’ll cover how it’s been done, how it can be replicated, and the future of this tool. We’ll also dive into the mechanics and outcomes of several major marketing campaign using maps.


Brandon Kleinman CEO What's Good

As the former Strategy Director of ad agency TBWAChiatDay, Brandon developed a deep passion for creating narratives that move people to go and do things.

Now as the CEO of what'sGood, Brandon has taken his skills and built his own company. wG allows people to find their perfect dish at any restaurant by allowing them to sort menus based on what's important to them. Food is at the heart of many great stories, and what'sGood aims to make those stories better.

Brandon can be harassed on Twitter @BKsenior and loves things like this: (

Carlos Cuesta Mktg, Google Maps API Google

Over the past 5 years, Carlos has worked with thousands of developers around the world who are using Google Maps to start a new business, share information, or just plain change the world. The recently launched site is a great place to explore the product and hear stories about what people are doing with Google Maps around the world.