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Don’t Stop at Software: Make Hardware Too!

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Many product ideas require hardware for sensing, user interaction, etc. Until recently, it has been difficult & expensive to bring the hardware component of a product to market. Developments such as low cost rapid prototyping & manufacturing, energy efficient parts, crowd funding, etc, have made it easier for small startups to get into the hardware game. Everything from design, production, and fulfillment can be outsourced to quickly bring a device to market without the expense and time of bringing up in-house hardware teams. These trends are accelerating, so now is the time to create the next great product idea. Learn how to take advantage of these trends and focus on the core value of your product that makes it unique, the software.


Denis Bohm Prod Design Firefly Design

Denis has worked independently for the past 20 years under his own company, Firefly Design. His education background with a BSEE from Purdue University and a MSCS from Stanford University, coupled with extensive experience in both hardware and software, have enabled him to work at all levels of product design. From designing flight simulators for GE to consulting for large corporations and numerous startups, his experience is wide ranging. Denis has extensive experience in user interface design, software, hardware and firmware, and overseeing the manufacturing of devices for clients. After living in Silicon Valley for 23 years, Firefly Design recently moved to Austin Texas.