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Wheel of Synergy: A Drill-Down into Business Speak

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It’s downright insane how people communicate in the business world. We’re told to “ease users into the monetization channel” and to “create social-local campaigns to increase the optimization levels of our consumer-centric engagement.” Yet, what does it all mean? Can we use humor to get to the bottom of why we talk with ridiculous combinations of words? This conversation will use a series of games to highlight the worst cases of business-ese and debrief as to how we got here. Games include “simultaneous” translation, invent-a-word, two horrible truths and a lie, among others. We want to have real interactions with people who are the worst offenders to understand the "why." We want those caught in the trap of deciphering cryptic missives to share their horror stories. Ultimately, we’ll develop ideas that can ameliorate the situation. If not, then at least we’ll laugh. Come armed with your best (worst) business jargon and be ready to play along and "brainstorm solutions."


Carla Borsoi VP Consumer Insights AOL

Carla is an urban mermaid extraordinaire, who loves to instigate real world social interactions. Her personal passion is being a detective of life and living. She likes to be mentally stimulated - which is why she likes doing consumer insights and marketing work.

Grant Shellen

Grant Shellen is a writer, marketer and musician in the San Francisco Bay Area. His career path includes stints at Google, AOL (AIM, and Thing Labs (Brizzly, Plinky). He really enjoys a good sandwich.